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Our award-winning cold-pressed rapeseed oil derives its unrivalled quality and light, buttery flavour from the way we plant, grow, harvest, dry, and press our oilseed rape crop.

We make no bones about the fact that our standards are exacting and that’s why we manage every step of process here at Carrington Barns Farm.

Image by Joanna Kosinska

The resulting oil is pure, nothing else is added or taken away

Like using a traditional pestle and mortar, cold-pressing seeds involves no added heat. With a screw press, we simply squeeze the seed to extract the oil, so it retains all its natural flavour and nutritional benefits.

We are passionate about achieving the best quality oil we can and that’s why we dry the harvested seeds to a low level of moisture content and store them, cold-pressing in small batches on demand. This process means our customers always receive oil that is a fresh as it can be – and with a shelf life of eighteen months.

Most vegetables oils are in fact rapeseed oils. But to achieve maximum yield, heat and chemicals are applied. Forming a soup-like mixture with added chemicals, and heated to a high temperature, the result is a less nutritious and flavour-less oil. It’s a process completely at odds with our ethos and values, and we believe the difference in taste is significant.

However, it’s not just the pressing process that influences quality.

At Supernature Oils, ours is a shorter growing season. Other farms grow over almost double the time and achieve a bigger yield. The difference is simple yet essential for us.

Making maximum use of daylight hours and sunshine, the quality of our crop and the resulting cold-pressed oil, is second to none. The natural rapid growth in spring needs very little intervention or interference, and fits perfectly with our ethos of practical, responsible, sustainable farming.

In producing our oils, nothing is wasted. The leftover pulp from the cold-pressing process forms a tasty ‘cake’ that is sold on to neighbouring farmers to feed their hungry cattle!

As well as our unique growing season, the distinct terroir or character of our oil is influenced by our careful management of the fertile Midlothian soil and its relationship with the local climate.

Cold-pressing, hand bottling and labelling on site gives us the ultimate quality control.

But, don’t just take our word for it! Since launching in 2011, we’ve won seven Great Taste Awards, two Quality Food Awards and a Scotland Food and Drink Excellence Award. In fact, Supernature Oils is the only cold pressed rapeseed oil producer in the UK to have won a Quality Food Award – and we won two years in a row!

Image by ross tek
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