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Bursting with pure goodness, our award-winning cold-pressed rapeseed oils have been developed using our passion, experience and dedication to the land, and we’re undeniably proud to offer ‘wellbeing in a bottle’ for our customers.

For us, farming is about respecting and honouring our 160 year farming heritage, achieving a reputation for unrivalled quality and creating a responsible, sustainable business for the future.

Everything Supernature happens at Carrington Barns Farm, a ‘wee’ Scottish oasis only 8 miles south of Edinburgh. Supernature HQ is encircled by the fields in which our crop grows, and those fields are then encircled by woods. We so keenly feel their protection from the elements, a protection vital for the production of our pure and natural oils, which are all cold-pressed on the farm from a spring-grown Scottish crop.


We make no bones about the fact that our standards are exacting. We’re most definitely artisan in our approach to achieving the best production and products possible. That’s why we manage every step of process here at Carrington Barns Farm, investing great care and attention in our planting, growing and harvesting, drying, cold pressing and bottling.

Along with our Supernature oils, we produce other high quality crops, including malting barley for Scotland’s famous whiskies.

Since 1852, our family have been tenant farmers at Carrington Barns Farm. We’ve built on our experience and dedication to the land, seeking opportunities to diversify by producing quality crops and products that add value.

Farming is a game of balance. Balancing the land, climate, crop, market demands and production costs. It’s a tricky balance to achieve but we believe our approach delivers all the elements of our ethos and values.

It all started by selling at local farmers’ markets and shops just a few years ago. From there, we’ve built something special. Through the support, feedback, loyalty we’ve received from our customers, we’ve been able to reach new markets and attract others to taste these wonderful oils. Our products, made on our small family farm, can now be found in Harrods and as far afield as a supermarket in Borneo.

Goodness in Every Drop: Bringing the nature and nurture of our Scottish family farm to you.

Chris, Lynn, Jack, Annie and Mollie the dog

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