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Supernature Cold-Pressed Rapeseed cooking oil is Scotland’s very own versatile, delicious homegrown oil. Bursting with pure goodness, our award-winning light and buttery Original Supernature Oil is unique, from a spring-grown Scottish crop.

Artisan cold-pressed rapeseed oils all have different characters, textures and tastes. Our home grown Original Supernature Oil is light, buttery and nutrient packed, the ultimate versatile and truly deliciously healthy alternative to imported extra virgin olive oil. With half the saturated fat and a high burn point, it’s the only oil you’ll need for frying, roasting, baking…or even just dipping and drizzling.


Supernature rapeseed is locally produced

Our award-winning cold-pressed rapeseed oil derives its unrivalled quality and light, buttery flavour from the way we plant, grow, harvest, dry, and press our oilseed rape crop.

Making maximum use of daylight hours and sunshine, the quality of our spring-grown crop and the resulting cold-pressed oil, is second to none. The natural rapid growth in spring needs very little intervention or interference, and fits perfectly with our ethos of practical, responsible, sustainable farming.

Once harvested, the seed is gently cold-pressed, and then hand-bottled in the old bothy at Carrington Barns Farm, which has been converted into a sterile bottling room.

We make no bones about the fact that our standards are exacting and that’s why we manage every step of process here at Carrington Barns Farm.

Cold-pressing keeps Supernature Oil pure and natural

Like using a traditional pestle and mortar, cold-pressing seeds involves no added heat. With a screw press, we simply squeeze the seed to extract the oil, so it retains all its natural flavour and nutritional benefits. The resulting oil is pure, nothing else is added or taken away.

We are passionate about achieving the best quality oil we can and that’s why we dry the harvested seeds to a low level of moisture content and store them, cold-pressing in small batches on demand. This process means our customers always receive oil that is a fresh as it can be – and with a shelf life of eighteen months.

Rapeseed oil has unique nutritional properties

Rapeseed oil has 63g of monounsaturated and 28g of polyunsaturated fats per 100g, half the saturated fat of olive oil.

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Image by Anna Pelzer

Supernature Oil’s unsaturated fats are good for you

Studies show mono- and poly-unsaturated fats reduce your bad cholesterol levels, while boosting your good cholesterol levels. This promotes a wide range of health benefits.

Supernature Oil is suitable for vegetarians, vegans and raw-food diets

It is especially good for vegetarian and vegan diets because it is an excellent plant-based source of nutrients. Cold-pressing means it is suitable for raw food diets too.

Supernature Oil is the versatile oil, the only one you need in your kitchen

You can enjoy it straight from the bottle as a dip for fresh bread, in dressings, marinades or simply drizzled over salad or vegetables. It is also ideal for frying, roasting and making delicious cakes and biscuits. See our recipe page for ideas!

Supernature Oil is the secret to great roast potatoes – among other things

Cold-pressed rapeseed oil has a very high ‘smoke point’, which means it is ideal for cooking at hot temperatures. Use it to make perfect, golden roast potatoes, for deep frying or stir-fries. Because it doesn’t break down at high temperatures it keeps its nutritional properties, which is another reason why cold-pressed rapeseed oil is regarded as the healthiest culinary oil.

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