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Ginger Infused


Ginger Infused

  • Prices

    100ml - £3.50

    250ml - £5.95

  • Description

    Bursting with pure goodness, the light and buttery taste of our award-winning Original Supernature Oil is infused with the juicy and fragrant tones of ginger.

    The possibilities are endless this oil is a simply delicious addition to stir-fries, fish, roast vegetables and countless vegetarian recipes.

    But don’t worry, it’s equally as show-stopping in your repertoire of sweet treats. From apple and ginger cake to ginger biscuits with a snap!

    This home grown, nutrient packed oil is the ultimate versatile and truly deliciously healthy alternative to extra virgin olive oil. With half the saturated fat and a high burn point, it’s the only oil you’ll need for frying, roasting, baking or even just dipping and drizzling.

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