Lemongrass Infused Oil

Supernature’s Award Winning Lemongrass Infused Oil

Inspired By The Taste Of Asia!

We’re all about inspiring our customers on new and exciting ways to use our fantastic award winning oils. This week were inspiring you with the taste of Asia and our wonderfulย Lemongrass Infused Oil. As with our Garlic Infusion, save yourself the chopping of the fresh ingredient by using Lemongrass Infusion in your cooking, without having to compromise on quality! Home grown and packed fully of nutrients, Lemongrass is a truly healthy alternative to extra virgin olive oil. You’ll never have to feel guilty when using this in chicken or veggie stir fries!

Lemongrass Infused OilLemongrass Infused Oil

Lemongrass Infused Oil Recipes

Lemongrass Infused Oil is the perfect oil to cook your beef, chicken, prawn or veggie stir fry in. With half the saturated of olive oil, you’ll never feel guilty when adding Lemongrass Oil at the beginning of cooking and even at the end to finish the dish off with a little something extra! Try combining Lemongrass with our Lime Infused an drizzling over roast chicken, or into a classic Thai Green Curry with our Chilli Infused Oil for the perfect taste sensation. Lemongrass is the perfect base for a Thai pumpkin and sweet potato curry or adding to any curry to heighten those Asian flavours! Want to know our favourite? Homemade Thai fishcakes! The quick and easy way to use up those left overs and create a delicious home made meal for the family.

If that doesn’t seem daring enough, why not challenge yourself to make a rhubarb and Lemongrass fool, by adding a dash of our Lemongrass Infused Oil, it will simply transform this sweet treat into something spectacular! You can even add Lemongrass Infused to our Lemon Oil and whip up a home made cheesecake, due to the sweet and lemony scent of both oils, its the ideal and time saving way to create a fab dessert with a little punch of sweet summer flavours!

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